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First, no one should have to work with the fear of being subjected to unwanted advances from colleagues.

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Sexual harassment has a chilling effect in the workplace that fractures working and personal relationships, and damages the reputation of employers that foster such an environment. Liability is high in sexual harassment situations, so there is good reason to take every measure possible to deter sexual harassment behavior.

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Available in English 65 minutes. How to handle incidents of sexual harassment? Take prompt and effective corrective action. Manager Responsibilities Maintain a work environment free of sexual harassment. Be able to identify sexual harassment. Prevent sexual harassment incidents.

Sexual harassment procedures

Respond effectively to sexual harassment. Create and maintain a positive, productive workplace. Model appropriate behavior. Contact Human Resources with concerns and complaints. Take appropriate steps to eliminate behavior that might be perceived as sexual harassment.

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  • Investigate every complaint. Maintain confidentiality, except for disclosure reasonably required by the investigation.

    What do HR Managers Need to Know About Sexual Harassment?

    Employer may reduce or eliminate liability if the employer: Has a policy against harassment; Adequately communicates the policy to all employees; Has a proper complaint procedure; Takes quick, appropriate action when an incident is reported or witnessed. What Management Should Do to Prevent Sexual Harassment Develop and publicize a sexual harassment policy that clearly states sexual harassment will not be tolerated and that explains what types of conduct will be considered sexual harassment.

    Develop and publicize a specific procedure for resolving complaints of sexual harassment. Develop methods to inform new management and employees of the company's sexual harassment policy and reporting procedure. Conduct annual sexual harassment awareness training for all employees.

    When in doubt, always consult your attorney for guidance on any employment matters. Skip to main content.

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    However, the employee is subjected to enough harassment to create what a reasonable person would consider a hostile, offensive or intimidating work environment. For example, a coworker, customer, or supervisor from a different department can be responsible for sexually harassing an employee. Sexual harassment happens to men, too.

    Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work | Tips for Managers

    According to the EEOC , last year men filed The victim and the harasser can be the same sex. The best way to deal with sexual harassment is to prevent it in the first place. Communicate to your staff that you do not tolerate sexual harassment. Put this policy in writing as part of your employee handbook that employees have to read and sign.

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    Establish a process for handling harassment complaints. Let employees know they can come to you or another trusted manager who will be impartial. If a complaint occurs, take action quickly. You should talk to the employee making the complaint, the person accused of harassing them and anybody else who can provide information for example, others in the same department. Keep complaints confidential as much as possible.