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Quentaris is uprooted - city cliff-face, harbour and all - and hurled into the uncharted rift-maze. Lost and adrift in the endless labyrinth of parallel universes, encountering both friends and foe, the city faces a daunting task.

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Somehow Quentaris must forge a new identity and find its way home. This book leads the reader on a wild adventure when Quentaris, a replica of a city from the early s, is lifted from its bedrock by the Spell of Undoing. A saboteur gets the spell wrong and instead of unravelling the city's prosperity, it lifts the entire city. The citizens of Quentaris must transform the city into a galleon with propellers, sails and rudders. Unfortunately, the spell also uproots Tolrush, an opposing city which becomes a marauder pirate ship, chasing Quentaris from world to world.

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The feisty young heroine, Tab Vidler, overcomes many obstacles to help her city. Paul has written over thirty trade books including The Jelindel Chronicles, The Earthborn Wars and titles in The Quentaris Chronicles, around 60 chapter books, both fiction and non-fiction published both in Australia and the US , and two collections of his own stories.

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