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Overview Readers reviews 0 Product Details. This book provides the results of a qualitative research study conducted with members of the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement, Combatants for Peace CFP.

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CFP is a grass roots organization that was formed in by Palestinians who were involved in violence on behalf of Palestinian freedom but have now renounced violent means and Israelis who served as combat soldiers in the IDF but now refuse to serve in the occupied territories. In-depth interviews with members of CFP suggest that the decisions to commit to nonviolent action and to join CFP involved a mutually transformative process that influenced understanding and development of both self and Other.

This gave me hope.

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These people had never met a Palestinian before and they are going to be in the army soon. I also see this with Palestinians who meet Israelis for the first time.

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Actually, I had been going to some of the Combatants for Peace activities in the occupied territories for quite some time and I was very impressed not only by their grass roots activities but mainly by their dedication as former fighters, on both sides, to non-violence. The essence of their work can be found in their personal stories of transformation from the use of force to non-violent struggle to end the occupation and to try to achieve peace between the two peoples.

I joined Combatants for Peace formally in when I helped organize the demonstration against the war on Gaza.

These peacebuilders—and many other Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Arabs in their organization and other organizations— are keeping a flicker of hope alive in a darkening situation in Israeli and Palestinian societies, especially this week with so much violence on both sides, in which so much despair and apathy prevails. In particular, their commitment to the annual joint memorial commemoration which will take place this Tuesday , May 7 th , in Tel Aviv for Palestinians and Israelis killed during the conflict, should be a beacon of light to all of us who persevere in keeping the vision of peaceful coexistence in our region alive as a goal to continue to pursue.

Combatants For Peace

Combatants for Peace sponsors a number of very important programs for peace: In House events , which are group meetings with a Palestinian and Israeli member of the movement who present their personal stories face to face and hold open discussions with people who come to learn about how militants can be transformed into peacebuilders Learning Peace , which is a series of lectures open to the public which enables people to become educated in the ways and means of peace work Field Trips , which are usually in the form of tours of the Bethlehem and Nablus areas where people can get a first-hand look at the complicated situation in the occupied territories and meet and learn from Palestinian members of this non-violent movement.

This is attracting thousands of Palestinians and Israelis from all walks of life, and its size and influence grows from year to year. The transcendent moral courage, humanity and integrity of these former enemies offer hope that reconciliation and peace are possible. Wilcox, Jr.

Is the road still open for Israeli-Palestinian peace?

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