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Niesche R, , 'What use is Foucault in education today? Niesche R, , 'Foucault, counter-conduct and school leadership as a form of political subjectivity', Journal of Educational Administration and History , vol. Niesche R, , 'Politicizing articulation: Applying Lyotard's work to the use of standards in educational leadership', International Journal of Leadership in Education , vol.

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Professor Freedman has provided significant leadership at the national and international levels and won numerous grants and awards, including the National Art Education Association Manuel Barkan Memorial Award for outstanding publication, the Australian Leon Jackman Award for distinguished research in art education, and, in , the Viktor Lowenfeld Award. Previously a primary and early years teacher, she began lecturing full time at Exeter in Her research interests encompass drawing, reflective practice, professional learning, communication, and creativity.

After first working as a professional artist, Nigel became increasingly immersed in art education, working as a gallery educator, teaching in schools, and training teachers. His current research in Barcelona intersects with ethnographic film practices in social anthropology and explores how children can observe learning and living in school using observational filmmaking techniques.

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