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DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora

Effective against armored ground targets. Bombs SC Large blast radius. Premium aircraft. Add standard configuration to compare. Gun Armament.

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Indicates the capacity to withstand enemy fire. Factors in aircraft durability and the coefficients of resistance to critical damage and fire. Indicates the capacity to damage aerial targets with forward-firing autocannon and machine guns as well as defensive turrets. Factors in damage, range, and accuracy. Indicates the capacity to damage ground targets with bombs and rockets.

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Factors in damage and resupply time. Indicates the capacity to engage in maneuvering combat. Factors in time to turn degrees and rate of roll.

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Indicates the capacity to engage in combat at a high speed. Factors in airspeed, acceleration, and boost efficiency. Indicates the capacity to engage in combat at a high altitude.

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Factors in the optimum altitude range and maximum flight altitude. Compare Aircraft.

Remove all Compare. All rights reserved. Mark Hanna was killed in Spain in September when approaching to land a Spanish-built version of the German Bf He was 40 years old. His father, Ray, continued flying at airshows but died at his home in Switzerland in December , aged Ray was born in Auckland, and both these men had made many trips to New Zealand, flying in the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow.

On the engine cowl of Gilles Kupfer's Fw D-9 is the emblem of an eagle clad in a leather helmet and goggles with the words "Lucky Bird" inscribed underneath it.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9

Gilles says he feels this is appropriate because he considers himself very lucky to have this aeroplane. This replica Focke-Wulf, and the spirit Gilles feels in it when flying, he says is his way of paying homage to all the pilots from every nationality who fought in WW2. Gilles says the civil aviation authorities in Switzerand were making in unbelievably hard for him to register his Focke-Wulf - he got to fly it only once in Switzerland - and, encouraged by John Lamont, he moved to New Zealand and set up in Wanaka.